5 Ways The “Save the Tilt Up Page” Lies To You

We all know art is subjective and have heard the saying, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’  With regard to the structure on Snug Harbor beach aka “Shorehenge”, there is a small contingency that would like to keep it and have tried to do a grass roots movement to garnish support. Nobody can blame them or hold malice for that. However, when they insist on twisting the facts, blatantly lying and randomly vomiting statements without backing up their assertions with evidence, that’s where people will have issues.

The following are 5 statements that are outright false:

  1.  The Bunker Project was built with proper permits.

    Maybe they meant it was kinda sorta, but not really built with proper permits? The zoning permit was issued after the fact and backdated to 8/17
    permit tilt upFurther note, that the DEP permits were never applied for. Even though, it states in the zoning permit above, that all applications within a flood zone require submission to the NJDEP.

See the building permit, 1) It was issued 9/22, well after it was constructed and not until it was called in question, and 2) it says “rehabilitation” not New Construction, which contradicts the zoning permit and what actually happened.

building permit


2.  The Current Council Deemed It unsafe and erected a fence out of spite.

It was always maintained that the fence installation was due to the bunker’s liability issue. The safety of the structure was never brought into question.

fence tilt up


3.  ” A survey monkey was done and less than 150 people out of 5000 in the town participated.”

survey results

  • As of 2015, the population of Highlands was 4867,  which includes children.
  • Highlands has approximately 3100 registered voters (as of the 2012 election) of which less than 2000 voted.

4.  The Survey alone determined Shorehenge’s Outcome

The ultimate decision for the removal of the Bunker came from:

  • The multiple council meetings that people showed up to ask for its removal.
  • A formal petition circulated for the removal of the Shorehenge.
  • A Highlands Town Hall Meeting where the majority of people spoke against the Bunker.
  • The Survey which confirmed the majority of people wanted it taken down.
  • The letter from the DEP that required action must be taken.

5.  The survey was only available online and advertised via Facebook.

The survey was advertised on Facebook, however, it was also advertised:

  • On the Highlandsnj.com main web page
  • In Borough Trailer
  • During several council meetings
  • Via flyers that were handed out throughout the town
  • Via SWIFT email/Text notification
  • In newspapers/news outlets.  See 3/22 Asbury Park Press article  AND 4/7 Asbury Park Press article which again gives results as of that date and contends the survey would remain open until 4/30.

An offline “paper” survey was made available and collected from those without internet access.