Tilt Up: Should It Stay Or Should It Go Now?

At last night’s council meeting, the Mayor and Council decided to move forward with a survey to collect input regarding the Tilt-Up project on the Community Center beach.

As part of this process, they have put together a short questionnaire. (2 Questions) One of which is a validation question, so that all residents and property owners will have fair input into the process. You will be asked for either your voter registration number (if you don’t know your voter id number, you can contact your Superintendent of Elections or Commissioner of Registration  or call 732-431-7780) or use your sewer account number as a part of the validation. (Your sewer account number is the 4 digit number before the dash (-)on your paper or online sewer bill)

There is also a paper version of the survey for those that do not have internet access.  Paper copies will also be available at and can be dropped off at the Borough Trailers (42 Shore Drive). You can also FB private message,  call, or text Jen Olson (732-945-4680) with any requests, and she can bring a copy to anyone who needs it.

LINK to survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TiltUp

The survey will be open until April 4, 2016, and the results will be shared at the Council meeting on Wednesday, April 6.

It will cost roughly $17,500 to be compliant [CAFRA Permit, site plan, soil samples, environmental impact study, soil erosion/sediment control plan, tidal water study. Does not include Threatened and Endangered Species Evaluation or Tidelands License] to keep the structure.

The Borough received costs from the RFP ranging from $9,600 to $36,500 [5 Bids: $36,500; $35,800; $20,000; $17,000; $9,600] for a contractor to remove it.