TBW: How to successfully do a coup d’état in Highlands

Back in the spring of 2013,  I blogged about how to structure a Coup in Highlands,pitchforks and torches

Then I blogged about “Now its time to put this in ACTION, below are some steps to do to pull this off:”

a) Make sure your Spell Check is On  (CHECK)

b) Get people to sign a petition to change from a Partisan to Non-Partisan Government in Highlands  (CHECK) –

d) When it passes the ballot process in November, a new election for council will happen in May, which can allow for “new” people to run for office regardless of political affiliation. (CHECK)

This is a Pitchfork & Torches moment where in the wise words of Twisted Sister “We’re not going to take it, no we’re not going to take it, we’re not going to take it, any more…”  (CHECK)

I think it was very telling that in the Highlands Survey that went out in 2013, most Highlanders felt they were most satisfied with their neighbors that helped them & most dissatisfied with the current council’s leadership. That stuck with residents 3 years later.

Dear Highlands, Thank you For Structuring a successful coup d’état!  ~ You matter.. 🙂


  1. Will the new election in may be for all the council positions, or just for mayor which is up this year?


    • November election is just for the Mayor & the petition to change to a non-partisan government. The May election, if the petition passes in November would be for the whole council. They can all run for their seats, and there isn’t a guarantee one way or another that they will or will not get voted back.


  2. I predict a massive effort on the part of those presently in power to use every tactic, fair and unfair, to derail this entire effort. I would also expect legal action by the council with the use of tax payer dollars to keep their seats at all costs. This will truly be interesting!


    • That effort is baseless. If they really believe they are doing the best job for the town then they should have no problem winning the May election. 😉


  3. It isnt the fact that they think they can win an election based on performance, what the truth is they have won in the past because of no real choices or opposition. Thus, they have basically done whatever they want without fear of losing their seats. The bottom line is that they wont want to face any real challenge. Therefore, the best strategy would be to derail this effort before it gets any traction, and if that fails take some sort of legal action to try to stop this effort, or delay it.
    The games have yet to begin! 🙂


  4. I lived in this town for 5 years and loved it! Highlands. Best place ever. Moved out(still local) but the town has a place in my heart. Local government has tried….Politicians you say? What better can we all do. Downtown is growing- houses being raised – on the hill taxes thru the ski. Great place to live and wish I was still there. Get it together Highlands.


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