The Structure On Snug Harbor, How Did This Happen??

Art is subjective, and very emotional. Some people look at “art’ and find solace, others find angst. It’s not something to be argued. Art is meant to be that, controversial, and to start discussion. You can’t expect people to change their opinion.

How it got to be “art” can be discussed. January 2015, it was stipulated that the resolution at hand was to be temporary, not binding. So it was misleading and purposefully stated in order to get a unanimous vote.  So it could be argued , deception occurred

Would Council person’s Card, Ryan and Redmond  vote “yes” if they knew that the resolution in question “was binding” and an “absolute” ?

Add to this the  June 17th meeting minutes Tim Hill had reported in his administrative report that the Tilt Up staff was to begin construction Oct 1. But here’s the problem when you review the video, Tim Hill never talked about that at all. So apparently a fraud transpired. (doh).

The whole situation’s very “Highlands, a-typical”, let’s lie and worry about it after the fact.

Regardless, where you like the structure or not, you may not like how it came into being.  Please let the council know, you do not like the underhandedness.

Either show up at the 10/7 council meeting OR email them and let them know that non-communication will not be tolerated  Here are their email addresses:

Frank Nolan
Council President
Rebecca Kane
Kevin Redmond
Doug Card
Tara Ryan

You matter in Highlands!